A Few Reasons To Use Hardwood

Hardwood lumber, floors, staircases, and moldings create rich natural colors with handcrafted quality. Hardwood enhances any environment in which it's introduced.

Some quick reasons why you should choose hardwood:

  1. Natural, warm, authentic color.
  2. Simple, yet decorative for any room in the house.
  3. Rugged, yet charming.
  4. Durable, yet easy to care for.
  5. Beauty that's hard to tire of.
  6. Lasts the lifetime of the home.
  7. Adds real value to a home.

It’s a simple thing: hardwood introduces a definite stature and an undeniable charm to any room and becomes more valuable as time goes by.

Hardwood Lasts the Test of Time

Hardwood transcends time. Over the long run, it’s possibly the least expensive option. With hardwood, you have three options to maintain its quality, character, and integrity:

  1. You can use a refresher to enhance the shine
  2. You can lightly screen and re-coat with urethane to bring back the original luster
  3. You can completely sand and refinish the surface to make the wood look brand new.

Also, a urethane-protected hardwood surface provides so much durability you may never need to choose any of the above options.

Hardwood is Part of America's Past

Hardwood is part of our past.  Hardwood craftsmanship can now be blended with the advances of modern technology to aesthetically enhance any room in which you choose to use hardwood.

There are many varieties of colors and species of hardwoods. From the color of light, natural Maple to the rich reds of Cherry, hardwoods will bring naturally diverse colors into any room. Other colors and species include Oak, White Ash, Mahogany, Walnut, Beech, Hickory, Brazilian Cherry, American Cherry and so many more.

Which Hardwood Lasts the Longest?

Generally, the harder the wood the more durable. However, grain and color must be considered because light colors with less grain may actually show more wear than "softer" woods. The hardest woods include Brazilian Cherry, Maple, White Oak, and Hickory while American Cherry and Walnut are softer hardwoods.